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The Law of Bicycles

This episode of "Law Review with Steven Smith" should stay all the way to the right of the road. Because it's about bicycles. We explore the world of biking from the perspective of both cyclists and drivers.  Learn what it means to be "doored," how to properly insure yourself while on the road, and why those pesky pedicabs have become more sparse in recent months.  Enjoy the episode.  Helmet optional.


Ryan Kohut is a Deputy City Attorney in the Public Works Unit of the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, where he advises the City on transportation policy and capital projects. Prior to joining the City Attorney’s Office, he was a transportation engineer for various civil engineering consulting firms and general contractors. He is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law and holds a bachelors degree in civil engineering from Purdue University. He can be contacted at rkohut@sandiego.gov.

Richard Duquete is an attorney in Oceanside. He is an expert in bicycle law and an avid biker. To learn more about Richard check out his website: http://911law.com/


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