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This episode of "Law Review with Steve Smith" examines how international law can be used to help resolve the bloody conflict taking place in Syria. Activists estimate 20,000-30,000 people have died as a result of the fighting between Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime and the Free Syrian Army since the conflict began in March 2011. The United Nations is eager to prevent further violence, but has few legal avenues it can pursue to help resolve the civil war. California Western Dean Emeritus Steven R. Smith invites 2012 Castetter Visiting Foreign Law Professor Thilo Marauhn and International Legal Studies Program Director James M. Cooper to discuss how international law can be applied to the Syrian conflict.


Thilo Marauhn, California Western's 2012 Castetter Visiting Foreign Law Professor

James M. Cooper, Professor of Law and Director of California Western's International Legal Studies Program


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