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The government says that elder abuse is an epidemic given the different kinds of abuse combined. 
Today, we invited experts in civil law and criminal law to discuss many areas of elder abuse cases including the nursing home neglect cases, financial exploitation & charitable scams, and the prevention. 

Paul Greenwood                                    Joel R. Bryant

Deputy District Attorney                          Attorney at Law
Head of Elder Abuse Unit                        Green Bryant & French, LLP
Family Protection Division
Phone: (619) 531-3464                       Phone (619) 239-7900 (Ext. 113)
Email: paul.greenwood@sdcda.org       Email: jbryant@gbflawyers.com

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Community Law Clinic

Dean Smith calls today's podcast a "man bites dog program."  Find out why. 
Today's guests are people who provide wonderful pro bono legal services to low-income people in San Diego:

Professor Linda Morton, Associate Dean of Experiential Learning;
Dana Sisitsky, Esq. Executive Director and supervising attorney of  California Western Community Law Project(CLP);        and 
Sam Salom, a student at California Western School of Law.

CLP provides legal services in downtown San Diego, Lemon Grove, and City Heights.
CLP has served total number of 1,028 student volunteer hours and 765 client visits in 2013.

If you have any questions to the guests, they can be contacted at
Professor Linda Morton: lm@cwsl.edu
Dana Sisitsky, Esq. : dsisitsky@cwsl.edu

Sam Salom: sam.m.salom@gmail.com

For more information on CLP: www.cwclp.org

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Law Book Reviews

Dean Smith discusses with two authors who recently published books about the legal system :

Glenn Smith, the author of Constitutional Law for Dummiesand Dan Park, the author of The Legal Mind: How the Law Thinks. 
The discussion revolves around how the uncertainty and risk affect the legal system as well as the relationship of the law and politics.
Listen to the podcast for more insight...

Daniel Park : Chief Campus Counsel of UCSD
Glenn Smith : Professor at California Western School of Law

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Our legal roundtable takes a look back at the major legal issues of 2013 and looks forward.

The guest speakers are Judge Medel, Attorney Fiske, and Attorney Patrick.
If you have any questions for the speakers, they can be reached at:

Judge Kenneth Medel: kmedel83@gmail.com 
John Fiske, Esq.: jfiske@gomeziagmin.com
Wendy L. Patrick, JD, PhD: 


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This is a time of the year when Americans are most generous to give. 

Dean Smith invited two guest speakers to discuss the legal issues in giving.
Our experts are Adrienne Vargas, Chief Giving Officer at San Diego Foundations, and Nancy Spector, Esq.

If you have any questions for the guest speakers, please contact:

 Adrienne Vargas, Chief Giving Officer at San Diego Foundations 
TEL: 619-235-2300

 Nancy Spector, Esq.
       TEL: 619-260-0303

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Affordable Care Act

Discussions on the Affordable Care Act with Martha Ann Knutson, Esq., Jody Root, Esq., and Dean Smith. 

If you have any questions, you can email them at 

Martha Ann Knutson, Esq.: mak@mknutsonlaw.com

Jody Root, Esq.: Jody.root@procopio.com

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Supreme Court Decisions

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Disability and the Law

This episode of Law Review with Steve Smith discusses disability law and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Find out what types of animals are legally considered assistance animals. Does it include a boa constrictor or a miniature horse? What are the complications with mental health law and gun control? Plus, the ever controversial topic of law school accommodations for students with learning disabilities.


Laura Rothstein, Professor at University of Louisville

Mark Rothstein, Herbert F. Boehl Chair of Law and Medicine

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