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This episode of Law Review with Steve Smith discusses disability law and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Find out what types of animals are legally considered assistance animals. Does it include a boa constrictor or a miniature horse? What are the complications with mental health law and gun control? Plus, the ever controversial topic of law school accommodations for students with learning disabilities.


Laura Rothstein, Professor at University of Louisville

Mark Rothstein, Herbert F. Boehl Chair of Law and Medicine

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This episode of Law Review with Steve Smith talks with members of the California Innocence Project. The California Innocence Project works to exonerate wrongfully convicted inmates. The project was founded in 1999 and is based out of California Western School of Law. Today we talk to the director of the program, Justin Brooks and Alex McDonald, a clinical student about the highs and lows of  reviewing and investigating cases of those wrongfully accused.


Justin Brooks--Director of California Innocence Project

Alex McDonald --CWSL Student and clinical student at the California Innocence Project


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Tips on Applying to Law School

This episode of Law Review with Steve Smith discusses how to apply to law school. Members of the California Western admissions team give insight on how and why they choose to admit students. Guests discuss how to choose a law school, the LSAT, personal statements, and how to take advantage of the help that's available to applicants. Regardless of which school you are thinking of applying to, this podcast provides useful information.


Professor William Lynch, California Western Torts and Evidence Professor

Traci Howard, Assistant Dean for Admissions

Jean Whalen, Associate Director for Admissions


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Should I Go to Law School?

This episode of Law Review with Steve Smith asks a very important question, "why should I go to law school?" The benefits and challenges of law school are great. What do you need to know to decide if the benefits are worth the challenge? Associate Producer and California Western student Ben Pezzner leads the discussion to help you figure it out.


Ben Pezzner, California Western student, Editor-in-Chief of The Commentary, Associate Producer of Law Review with Steve Smith

Duane Bennett, Attorney, STEPPS and Administrative Law professor at California Western

Don Smythe, Professor at California Western


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